Transient Response of RLC circuits

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The objecive is to study the evolution of voltage across the capacitor in response to a voltage step applied to the series circuit. For a theoretical discussion refer to the Online Course on ExpEYES. Depending on the LCR values, the response can be underdamped, critically damped or overdamped. We have selected:

The connection diagram is shown in the schematic below. The trace can be fitted with a damped sinusoid by selecting a region. The data can be exported or saved. The exported data in CSV format is HERE. It can be analysed using this Python program to extract the frequency and damping factor.

By writing Python code

The experiment is repeated, with the same component values, by connecting ExpEYES to a laptop and using this Python program.

The data saved by this program is analysed by the Python Code and the result is shown below. Frequency = 15084 Hz and Damping factor = 0.107.

The equation $ f = \frac{1}{2\pi \sqrt(LC)} $ gives 15915 Hz. For better agreement, we need to use measued component values in the calculation

LCR Transient